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The Programs: The Dublight Zone, Episode 1

Vinyl Encounters of the...Rewind!

The Programs: The Dublight Zone, Episode 1 (10-30-19)

Mixed & Written by Selecta J-Cut

This is the latest edition in the  reboot of Vinyl Encounters of the...Rewind! (see original video episodes Here), my blog about music, records and the artists who make them.

For this edition, I will break down the premiere episode of the latest original program from CULTCHA Clash Outer National - Global-Community-Radio, entitled... The Dublight Zone.

The Dublight Zone is a two-hour show which will air weekly. It features Dub Alternatives & Abstractions, as well as Dancehall and the Roots of Version. The premiere episode aired on October 30, 2019 and here's what I played...

                                                               The Dublight Zone: Episode 1, Part 1

The Moody Boys - Journey Into Dubland

The first tune of the show is "Free" by The Moody Boys, from their 1990 XL Recordings EP, Journey Into Dubland.

Jäh Division Dub Will Tear Us Apart

After that is "Dub Will Tear Us Apart" by Jäh Division, from their LP, Dub Will Tear Us Apart on Ernest Jenning Record Co., released in 2019.

Easy Star All-Stars - Dub Side Of The Moon

Easy Star All-Stars are next up, from their Pink Floyd reconstruction LP, Dub Side Of The Moon, with "Time," featuring Corey HarrisRanking Joe.

Augustus Pablo - Pablo Meets Mr. Basie

"Pablo Meets Mr. Basie (Version)" is the next tune, by Augustus Pablo's Rockers All Stars is from the 7" single, Pablo Meets Mr. Basie on his Rockers International label.

Israel Vibration - Rudeboy Shufflin'

Then comes "Rudeboy Shufflin' (Mad Mad Dub)" by Israel Vibration mixed by Mad Professor, off of the 1995 Rudeboy Shufflin' 12" single on RAS Records.

Subatomic Sound System - Jah Is Coming / Dubbing On The Moon

Subatomic Sound System cover "Walking On The Moon," by The Police, with "Dubbing On The Moon," released in 2014 on the Jah Is Coming / Dubbing On The Moon 7" on their Subatomic Sound Label.

The Bug - Filthy

Next, comes a duo of tunes by The Bug with the same riddim, "Louder" features Flowdan and lyrical legend, Daddy Freddy, takes the mic for "Kill Dem." Both tunes are from the 2013 Ninja Tune 2 x 10" set, Filthy.

SL2 - On A Ragga Tip

Old-school breakbeat techno classic, "On A Ragga Tip" by SL2, comes next. It was released in 1992 as the On A Ragga Tip 12" on XL Recordings.

Congo Natty - Jungle Revolution

Congo Natty aka Rebel MC hikes the tempo with "UK All Stars," from his Jungle Revolution LP, released in 2013 by Big Dada Recordings.

Now Thing - Various Artists

Off of the 2001 Now Thing compilation on Mo Wax, is "Now Thing (Version)" by Sly & Lenky.

How Yu Fi Sey Dat? - Now Thing

Massive B - Siren
Mr. Vegas - Nice & Sweet

A quick set of tunes from Massive B's Siren riddim appears next, featuring Bounty Killer with "Mr. Tear N Bore," Mr. Vegas singing "Nice & Sweet," and finally, Cutty Ranks' militant "Me Nah Backdown."

Bounty Killer - Mr. Tear N Boar

Cutty Ranks - Me Nah Backdown

Super Cat - Tun It Over / Dan Dadda

Super Cat follows with the 1991 remix of "Don Dadda" off of the Wild Apache 12" single, Tun It Over / Dan Dadda.

Dub Gabriel & U-Roy - Luv 'n' Liv

Dub Gabriel featuring U-Roy "Luv 'n' Liv (None Shall Escape Dub Mix)" from the 2013 Luv 'n' Liv 7" on his label, Destroy All Concepts.

The KLF -
3 A.M. Eternal (Live At The S.S.L.)

The KLF "3 A.M. Eternal (Wayward Dub)" remixed by The Moody BoysMad Professor, from the 1991 3 A.M. Eternal (Live At The S.S.L.) 12 single.

The Orb - Perpetual Dawn

The final tune of the first segment is The Orb's "Perpetual Dawn (Solar Flare Mix)" from the 1991 Perpetual Dawn 12" on Big Life.

The Dublight Zone: Episode 1, Part 2

Jah Wobble's Bedroom Album

The first tune is from Jah Wobble's Bedroom Album, released in 1983 on Lago Records (UK), "Invaders Of The Heart," experimental-world-punk-dub from P.I.L.'s original bassist.

Creation Rebel - Starship Africa

Creation Rebel  are next, with "Starship Africa (Section 2)," from their 1980 4d Rhythms release (recently reissued by On-U Sound), Starship Africa.

Suns Of Arqa - G.D. Magick

Suns Of Arqa's "Acid Tabla (Re-Mix)" follows, from the 1980 Antler Records G.D. Magick 12" single, there is a 2016 Emotional Rescue reissue of Acid Tabla.

African Head Charge - My Life In A Hole In The Ground

"Far Away Chant" is by African Head Charge, from their 1981 debut LP, My Life In A Hole In The Ground.

Scientist - Rids The World Of The Evil Curse Of TheVampires

From the 1981 Greensleeves LP which was engineered by Henry "Junjo" LawesScientist Rids The World Of The Evil Curse Of The Vampires is "Voodoo Curse."

Elephant Man - Vampires & Informers

Elephant Man's "Vampires & Informers (Subatomic Sound System's Bloodstep Mix)" is from the 2011 Subatomic Sound 12" single, Vampires & Informers.

Subatomic Sound System
& Lee "Scratch" Perry -
Black Ark Vampires

Subatomic Sound System featuring Lee "Scratch" Perry's "Black Ark Vampires" is from the 2014 7" single, Black Ark Vampires.

The Bug - Exit

"Blaow!" comes next, by The Bug featuring Daddy Freddy, from the 2014 Ninja Tune 2 x 12", Exit.

Nisennenmondai - # 6

Nisennenmondai's "#6 (Chris Carter Mix)" is from their 2016 On-U Sound 12" single, #6, and is remixed by Throbbing Gristle's Chris Carter.

G36 - No Escape / Black Mass

"Black Mass" is by G36, from their 2018 Hotline Recordings 12" No Escape / Black Mass.

Sherwood & Pinch - Music Killer

"Music Killer (Dubplate Pressure Mix)" is from the 2016 Music Killer 12" by Sherwood & Pinch.

Meat Beat Manifesto - Pin Drop / No Design

Meat Beat Manifesto's "Pin Drop" is from the 2019 12" single, Pin Drop / No Design, on Flexi Disc.

Thievery Corporation - Originality

"Originality" is by Thievery Corporation featuring Sister Nancy, it's from the Originality 12", released in 2006 by Eighteenth Street Lounge Music

From 1997's Dub Meltdown LP on WordSound, is "Crooklyn Dub Syndicate," by Bill Laswell & Style Scott.

Bill Laswell & Style Scott -

Purpleman - Level Vibes Pumping

"Level Vibes Pumping Version" is Jammys version of the Water Pumping riddim, from the 1983 Purpleman Level Vibes Pumping 7" single.

Sanchez - Step In My Room

Next, from the John John Records label is "Tight Clothes Version" aka the Koloko riddim, from the 1996 Step In My Room 7" by Sanchez.

Massive B's No Borders riddim includes the Junior Reid tune "Stand Up" and Burro Banton's "Badder Den Dem."

Massive B - No Borders
Burro Banto - Badder Den Dem
Jr. Reid - Stand Up

Massive Attack - Sly

The final song is "Sly (Eternal Feedback Dub)" by Massive Attack, remixed by Mad Professor for the 1994 Sly 12" single.

Thank you for checking out this edition of Vinyl Encounters of the...Rewind! and don't forget to tune in to CULTCHA Clash Outer National - Global-Community-Radio for The Dublight Zone, every night at 10 pm.